Downgrade BBM 8 to BBM 7

By cakka on Nov 28th, 2013
Downgrade Blackberry Messenger

In this month (November 2013), Blackberry Messenger v8 was released. The new version have a new feature that not exist in Blackberry Messenger v7, it was Channel. In Blackberry Messenger page, it said "BBM Channels is a forum for active, real conversations happening right now between people, brands and communities.  By creating a Channel, you can start conversations sparked by your thoughts, ideas and passions."

But, whatever you think. When I try Blackberry Messenger v8, my Blackberry become hang and slowly. I don't know why. I don't investigate this. So, I make a decision to remove the Blackberry Messenger 8 with Blackberry Messenger 7 (downgrade the blackberry messenger 8 to blackberry messenger 7). I search to Blackberry official site, but there is no old version again.

So, I try to find the Blackberry Messenger v7 to other site. This is the link for download Blackberry Messenger v7



- Blackberry Messenger v7.0.0.126 (OS6)


- Blackberry Messenger v7.0.0.126 (OS7)


- Blackberry Messenger v7.0.0.126 (OS7.1)


This is not an official site from Blackberry, use at your own risk !

I have try download the Blackberry Messenger 7 from this link and my Blackberry become normal again. I suggest you, to not update your blackberry application before you read the reviews.

And before you download BBM 7, first you have to do this to secure your data.

Backup Your BBM

Before you download BBM 7, make sure you have backup your Blackberry data, especially BBM contacts. Although, you can restore that using Blackberry ID. You can try to backup your blacberry data using Blackberry Protect too. It will be more simple and fast.

I hope this is usefull for you.

Feel free to check other Blackberry articles in this blog. 

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